Not all Mopeds are created equally!

With gas prices rising, Mopeds are popping up for sale almost everywhere. Gas stations, used car lots, auto repair shops, private driveways etc.
Most of these Mopeds are purchased for the lowest possible price from importers who buy their Mopeds from low end Chinese assembly factories that use poor quality components, inferior wiring harnesses, engines castings and internal parts made from metals that are not properly hardened which cause premature failure, electronic components with high failure rates, poor if any replacement parts availability and almost all come with no real warranty.
The local seller may promise you the world, but when you have a problem, you are on your own.
At Moped Medic, we search for Quality Mopeds sold by the manufacturers themselves thru U.S. based operations. One of our main concerns is that parts are always available and that the manufacturer, not the distributor who may go out of business, offers a minimum of one year parts and labor warranty.
At Moped Medic, we have learned over the past five years of servicing Chinese Mopeds that over 90% of what we repair comes from other sellers. We have seen Mopeds with less than 500 miles on them need complete engine rebuilds and with less than 1000 miles on them, ready for the junk yard.
Our promise from day was to provide QUALITY LEGAL SOUTH CAROLINA MOPEDS to our customers, with full service and parts and a warranty.
 You will never see MOPED MEDIC trying to out price the other guy because we will not sell low quality for the sake of price.
We can't tell you where to buy your scooter, but we can try to make you more aware that the old saying " YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" is more relevant than ever.
We hope to see you at Moped Medic